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September 15 is National Concussion Awareness Day, and we want to change how people think about concussions. This Concussion Awareness Day, we’re encouraging people to join the cause by taking the #MelonPledge and becoming a Concussion Awareness Now Champion.

What’s the #MelonPledge?

Half of people who suspect they have a concussion never get it checked, which can lead to ongoing health challenges. Unlike broken bones, concussions are invisible, so it’s even more important to keep an eye out for ourselves and each other. We’re asking people to help spread the word by taking the #MelonPledge. Taking the pledge involves just two simple steps:

  • Step One: Commit to caring for yourself and others by not ignoring signs of a concussion. Remember: Don’t mess with your melon. If you hit it, get it checked.
  • Step Two: Share your commitment on social media to spread the word.

As prominent voices in the brain injury and concussion space, we’re promoting the #MelonPledge with our audience, and we hope you’ll share it with your friends and families. One way to show support for the #MelonPledge is by sharing pictures of yourself and the people you care about with our Melon Filter.

Links to ways you can participate in the #MelonPledge will be available on starting Sept. 12.

Who are the Concussion Awareness Now Champions?

People who are interested in supporting the cause further can sign up to be Concussion Awareness Now Champions. You’ll get updates from the coalition as we develop new resources and tools, and you’ll be the first to receive our newsletter starting in October. You’ll also get a Concussion Awareness Now profile frame to add to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Concussion Awareness Now has updated its Resources page with social media templates for influencer partners and Concussion Awareness Now Champions to share on their platform of choice. The resources page also contains printable flyers, infographics, and a toolkit to help you spread the word.

Learn more by visiting and by following the coalition on Facebook and Instagram.

For quick access to resources and recommendations, call the National Brain Injury Information Center toll-free helpline at 1-800-444-6443 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.